Tuesday, August 16, 2011


 This morning was my morning to go and train for my swim. I had everything ready so in the morning I would just get up and go. I guess I was being  optimistic given the last few nights but the race is fast approaching and I still would like to bring my time down. I went to bed early last night because I was just beat but I asked Rock to wake me early in the morning. This morning he tried but Tutu was still nursing and fussing (like he had been all night) so Rock told me to stay home try and catch a bit more sleep because he is more important.  I guess he is right but I did want to go train.

I haven't share my numbers for a while, since I started this in May my weight has gone up and down but right now my grand total is 5lbs. Not that great BUT I have gone down 2 sizes, my "skinny" clothes are too big. So the more important thing is going down. My goal from the get go was to get healthier, and yes losing weight is important but because I'm building muscle that sometimes cancels each other out. Shaving inches from my waist is more important.

My time last week was 13 minutes for the 750m. I would like to get that down to 10 minutes but I have shaved 7 minutes off my starting time 2 months ago.  I *think* my race time would be faster given that my competitive nature would kick in plus my adrenaline but then I need to take into consideration the open water. so we won't know until the race.

This is me before I started to train.

And this is me recently.  Things are tighter and there is more definition. An improvement if not a great one.

It's nice to be able to wear clothes that have been hiding for a while in the back of my closet because they were tight. After having 3 kids my body has changed, while with each kid I lost more weight, the weight was distributed differently so my clothes didn't fit the same way. This is helping me combat that.  And while I know I will never be able to get rid of my tummy (even when I trained 6 days a week when I swam competitively I still had it) at least I can make it smaller and redistribute my weight.

And I've been eating healthy snacks at night when I'm feeling peckish. Slowly, slowly things are getting better.


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