Saturday, August 27, 2011

Celebrating Mom

Today we are up at the cottage honouring the life of my MIL (also know as Mom). Family and friends are joining us to celebrate her life a few days before what would have been her 60th birthday.

Sadly her life ended way too early on December 28th. She was at home with us as she had wished to spend her final days. She spent four months in the hospital before coming home.

The prognosis was less then 3 months but being the fighter she was she proved them wrong and hung on for 5 months.

She was an inspiration her whole life but more so during the last year of her life.

Mom was a generous hardworking individual.  She started working at a young age. She was also very generous, she would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it.  When my FIL got sick 11 years ago an wasn't able to work she took on an extra job to bring in some extra money to help them live but also to be able to provide extras to her family. 

She loved to shower us with little gifts and once she had grandkids they were spoiled rotten. A trip to Babcia's house always meant a shopping trip and new toys or crafts supplies were always acquired, even new clothes.

A few times a year she would work extra so that we would make weekend trips to Buffalo to so some shopping. We would stay all weekend, eat out and shop.  She even started training Monkey to be her personal shopper (I guess I wasn't doing a good enough job for her).

Christmas time brought her great joy, even though the last few years she wasn't able to do the shopping herself. She would give me very detailed lists and budgets for what she wanted for each person and send me on my way. She loved to wrap all the goodies for her loved ones and took great joy seeing everyone open an enjoy their gifts. And there was always a feast, we always had enough food to feed twice the amount of people over. Mom never wanted anyone to go hungry.

When Dad got really sick Mom was working at least 2 jobs, taking care of him while unknown to us having a tumour growing and bothering her. January of last year she was still working and even after we found out she had cancer she still tried to make it in to work. She was a strong person and had a strong worth ethic she never wanted to let anyone down.

Towards  the end the pain she had to deal with was great but she tried to take as a little medication as she could so that she was still coherent for her grandkids and visitors.  She always played a big role in her grandkids lives and until November would do homework with Monkey.

She always smiled and laughed her way throughout life and her illness, she was an inspiration the way she handled herself.

We all have found memories of her and while you are reading this we are celebrating the life of this amazing woman. Her family and friends, remembering the good times, remembering this kind gentle soul. 

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