Thursday, August 4, 2011

I did it

I'm excited a month ago I posted the finished version of this skirt I upcycled. I was going to give it away because I cut it too slim and it didn't fit me properly.  I tried it on last night and not only did it fit but I actually needed to make the elastic smaller. I wore it to work today and got lots of compliments. One co-worker told me that the pictures I had posted on my blog didn't do the skirt justice that all the little details like the sequins on the skirt didn't show up.

 On a side note I trained again this morning. I did the 750m in 14 minutes so my time is starting to go back down. Yeah me. And after stalling for a few weeks my weight went down 4lbs as well.  All good things.

Now there is 37 days left until the race and I am getting nervous. It's not the distance, cuz I know I can rock it. It's not the competing because I use to do that. What is making me nervous in swimming in the lake, all the waves, the groups of people swimming all at once.  I will get over this, hopefully. I still have 37 more days to work on this. I can do it. I can do it.


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