Thursday, August 4, 2011


As I mentioned here, we went down to Brickworks on Saturday so we could enjoy the Farmer's Market, spend some time as a family and take some cute maternity pictures of my cousin. When rock and I use to live downtown Toronto in a cute little condo pre-kids, we use to drive past this place all the time. Not once did we ever stop to check it out, wow were we missing out.  What a great place to visit and take pictures.

It's such a neat place, you have both a urban and nature setting in one. It was amazing. we got there early at 8:45 and the parking was already full. We wandered through the famer's market, we picked up some treats to  each and then the photos began. I got some great pictures, then we wandered through the Weston Family Quarry Garden. We checked out the wildlife, took more photos and then headed over to the Chimmeny Court, where the kids water the plants,dug in the sand and played in the teepees. They had so much fun they didn't want to leave but it was starting to get really hot so we went back to the market picked up some fixings for lunch and dinner and headed home. The fresh strawberries and cherries we bought didn't make it home the kids devoured them on the car ride home.

Muffin was my best child subject

  Having fun while waiting for daddy.

 We saw turtles, frogs and fish in the ponds.

The girls getting in on the action

I tried to get a picture with Rock and Tutu but Tutu was more interested  in all the dogs he saw everywhere.

but he loved checking out the fish and turtles

and the plants

 because there is rarely a shot of me in front of the camera

the girls jumping and having fun

And we spotted a Blue Heron

A Lilly

And the best part of the day according to the kids....

Some really cool art

And last but not least another picture of me in front of the camera (this might be a record)

If you're in the GTA or visiting Toronto it's a great place to visit. We can't wait  to go back and explore some more (and wear the right shoes for exploring). I think the fall would be the perfect time, see all the pretty colours.

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