Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Action Packed Weekend

It's been a busy and emotional weekend for me and it's started out a busy week (and that theme will continue).

We had a lovely celebration of Mom's life up at the cottage on Saturday. It was great to see family that we don't get to see often and celebrate an amazing woman.  There was some lovely comments made by family members and I think they give me too much credit but I do love them all.

Celebrating with family

Scattering flower petals we saved from all the flowers from Mom's funeral.

Rock, the kids, my mom and I all stayed up at the cottage until Monday. Saturday night there was still some family around. We had a lovely time around the fire, talking and catching up.  The kids had a chance to fish (Muffin caught 6, Monkey caught 4 and Tutu caught 1), we slept in a tent for 1 night (before it got cold Sunday night), we went to town for some amazing ice cream and had a fire and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs and made smores.  Could there be any better way to start wrapping up summer?

The girls with the fish they caught

Today we took the kids to Canada's Wonderland. The had an amazing time. Apparently  Monkey is growing up because a lot of the rides were boring according to her. She did 2 real roller coasters and loved it. Muffin joined us for 1 and got scared. I realized today that next year will be even harder as Tutu will be doing the kiddie rides, Monkey is wanting to do the big rides and Muffin will be in between. I think I will need to find roller coasting loving friends to join us and take Monkey on the rides (my days of loving roller coasters are over). And we got home just in time to quickly eat dinner and take Monkey to her soccer playoff. She has improved so much this season and her team won 2 to 1.

The kids and I on a ride

Monkey at her game

 Had to share this one of poor Muffin's face and all the bites she got up at the cottage. My poor girl.

And because we haven't packed enough action into our week's holidays tomorrow we are going to the Ex again (we were planning on going Thursday but it's suppose to rain so we switched days).  Thursday and Friday I will be cleaning out the crawl space, Saturday I will try and rest, Sunday another trip to the Ex to see the air show. I will need a vacation from my vacation.,


Anonymous said...

What an action packed weekend! You are one very busy lady. Looks like you all had a great time though. Poor little one's face, I hope it is getting better. Enjoy the rest of your plans :)

Ania said...

I am so trying to make up to my kids for last summer. Tomorrow onward we rest (haha, if you call cleaning out the crawl space resting).