Thursday, August 18, 2011

Each their Own Person

As the soccer season draws to a close for the girls' I'm reflecting on the differences in their abilities in sports.
When Monkey was young there was no questions about her learning to swim besides the fact that I was/am a swimmer, I feel it's an important life skill.  When she got to the age of starting group sports she decided she wanted to play soccer.
As a mom I just assumed that they would follow in my footsteps and do dance and swimming. Soccer, I don't know where that came from but soccer it was. (I think Rock may have been watching soccer because it was World Cup, and Monkey was watching with him. I can't knock that thinking because I was inspired to swim competitively from watching the Olympics).
Up until recently soccer for Monkey consisted of picking flowers, cloud watching, kicking dirt around and fooling around with other players.
Recently she has been paying more attention and isn't afraid of the ball. She's actually fighting for the ball when there if a group of them going for it. She's also been playing some really good defense. I'm so proud of her improvements and accomplishments.
She is also a good swimmer from the start. She fast tracked through the levels, currently she is the youngest one in her level.  She's good at that but then you have Muffin.
This year was Muffin's first year in everything, swimming lessons and soccer.  Last year the girls didn't so much (except Monkey did swimming). In January when she turned 3 she started swimming lessons (that's when the YMCA starts formal lessons without the parents). and this summer was her first time playing soccer.
Muffin is a natural athlete.  It took a while for her to get use tot he water since she didn't get to spend as much time in the pool (like we did with Monkey due to life getting in the way) but now she's doing better then Monkey was at that age.
And soccer, she's a natural. You put her in any position and she dominates it. I'm actually surprised at how well she does. Her first game ever she was playing goalie and after stopping the ball, instead of throwing the ball out she ran the ball down the field and attempted to score a goal.
I know that each child is different but I didn't expect such differences in their abilities. I am proud of both my girls and their accomplishments. hey always try their best and I think that's what they should strive for.  It doesn't matter if they are soccer starts or the supporting players. Every role is needed on a team. How boring would the would be if only the people that excelled at something did it?
The girls are active and having fun, and that's important especially this day and age when children aren't as active as they use to be.  Now I wonder what to expect from Tutu as he grows up. It will be interested to see what everyone excels a and what everyone enjoys.

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