Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maternity Photoshoot at Brickworks

This morning the my cousin and my family went down to Brickworks so we could partake in the farmer's market and I could take some maternity pictures of my cousin. I was excited to put some of my new found knowledge to practice and take some gorgeous photos of her. Here is a snake peak of some of my favorite pictures I took today.

I'm going to have a hard time narrowing down the pictures. I always have a hard time with that.

Note: None of the photos have been edited.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

What I Wore

Here is another What I Wore post. I'm also linking up with That Kind Of Mom and The Pleated Poppy.

Flower headbandd - made by me
shirt - Lane Bryant
skirt - MXM
leggings - Penningtons
shoes - George
camera strap - made by me
necklace - was my MIL's

And since I'm doing a fashion post I wanted to share the girls' photos from a fashion birthday party they went to on Saturday. It was at a place called Sharkey's and they had their hair, nails and makeup done.

Muffin getting her make-up done

Muffin with her make-up

Monkey getting her make-up done

Monkey with her make-up

Getting their nails done

the girls after make-up and nails

Getting Hair done

the back of the hair. I can't believe what an amazing job they did with Muffin's short hair

Monkey's hair

the girls after their make-over

Thanks for checking us out.

Discovery Photography

Tuesday morning I attended a Discovery Photography 101 Beginner workshop at Academy of Photo Arts. I got a discounted price via Groupon. I didn't know what to expect but am glad I did try it out. I only wish I had bought more deals at the time so I would have been able to attend all 3 Discovery Photography workshops.
Two photographers from Piper Studios ran the workshop. They went over fundamental information needed for photography. The first thing they taught  us was aperture and F/ stop, they showed us the different settings and turned us loose outside to practice what we learned. We were to take some pictures with a short or narrow depth of field and one with a long or wide one. If we didn't get it right, they worked with us until we produced 2 examples.
 short depth of field

 wide depth of field


After we went back in and they went over the shutter speed. As before they showed us the different settings and has slides with examples. Again we went back outside to practice. They were very hands on with the individuals who needed help.



The last time we went back in they discussed photo composition, lighting, ISO, white balance, shooting formats, hand eye coordination, menu options and flashes (the last being a question from me). They told us about their travel workshops (which sound amazing but budget wise not in the cards for me right now) and about the Intermediate and Advanced Workshops. They offered a discount if we signed up that day for another workshop or a smaller discount if we sign up for a later date. Again due to budget constraints not in the cards for me but hopefully soon. 
 example of leading lines, repetition, up close and texture
I did learn a lot and have lots to practice with in the meant time. I no longer need to shoot in automatic, I know what the dials and numbers mean.
example of up close and texture
Overall I really enjoyed the workshop. Lots of good information given, a small intimate size of students, lots of hands on opportunities and practice.  The only thing I would change if I were running the workshop would be to give out a one page handout of what they taught us so we would have something to go back and reference. I took some notes but at one point I forgot because I was playing with the settings they were telling us  about. 
 example of photo composition different point of view
If anyone was looking for a beginner's class I would recommend this one. You get a lot of good foundations and practice in a 3 hour time frame.  

Art Date with Kids

 Art work drying
On Saturday one of Monkey's friends asked to have an art date. So Monday night after work M came over and I attempted to do some mixed media canvases with the girls.
 Monkey working on her art
M liked each step on it's own and didn't want to build up layers so each of her 5 canvases showcased a different technique. Muffin and Monkey did some mixed media and some with just individual techniques.
 Muffin working on hers
We spritz smooch spray through stencils, we coloured with wax crayons and painted over with water colours, we stamped and we coloured with water colour crayons that we later activated with water. And when I say we, I really me the girls.
 Monkey's work
I didn't get a chance to make a single canvas because I was either helping the girls or chasing after Tutu or taking him off the table (he LOVES to climb). By the end of the night I was exhausted but the girls had fun and that's the most important thing.
 Tutu getting in on the action with sidewalk chalk
M already informed me that she wants to do it again next week and she wants to learn new techniques. I love that they love it. And seeing that Monday is a holiday we can do it during the day so I'm not so tired. 
Muffin's mixed media piece 

Monkey's mixed media piece

M's crayon and water colour piece

What a great way to inspire the younger generation.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer BBQ

On Saturday we hosted our friends and family for a BBQ. In the morning we had some of Monkey's friends from school over for a play date and in the late afternoon we had the rest of the gang over. I did this so I only had to do a major cleaning of the house and yard once (which included moving the dryer that died in the winter from by the back door to the garage by myself).
I had a schedule set up, so that I would clean a little bit everyday. however I didn't end up getting it all done because Wednesday at swimming lessons Monkey for hurt and needed to go to urgent care to get 5 stitches. She was in the deep end jumping in the pool and instead of jumping into the water, she made it to the wall.
Luckily when we got to urgent care it wasn't bus so we got seen right away. The longest part of the visit was waiting for the freezing gel to work. The Dr gave her 5 stitches, 5 dissolvable stitches. 5 dissolvable stitches that they never bothered to tell us that they couldn't get wet (I mean even a little).
5 dissolvable stitches on a 6 year old, who got hurt at swimming lessons, in the summer in the middle of a heat wave. Can you guess what happened? We ended up back at urgent care the next night when her sister splashed her and the dissolved. And apparently it's my fault, yup I'm a bad mother.
So between the 2 visits to urgent care and also taking care of my dad (who had tumours removed from his bladder) I lost 2 days of cleaning. My basement playroom didn't get cleaned (and it really, really needs it, maybe a job for the long weekend).
In the morning we have 4 girls from school, they spent the majority of the 3 hours in the pool splashing. Then  girl went home and the rest stayed and waited for their parents to join us, along with the rest of our friends and family. 
We had gotten a good deal on a rib eye roast, so Rock cut it down into steaks. He marinated 1/2 and the other 1/2 he prepared simply with salt and pepper. We also made chicken kabobs, bacon potato salad, fried onions and fried mushrooms.
it was nice to relax with friends and family. The kids loved splashing in the pool, jumping on the trampoline, swinging on the swings, going down the slides or playing in the sandbox.
Muffin had a bit of sun stroke from being out all day. She went down for a nap around dinner time and woke up an hour later feeling much better. She was having so much fun she didn't want to stop until she finally felt sick.
Muffin after she woke up from her nap.
It was a perfect way to spend a beautiful (if not hot and humid) summer day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What I Wore: Tuesday Edition

So on the weekend I was so busy I forgot to take a pciture of my outfits, Monday I also forgot, so we have the What I Wore: Tuesday Edition.

flower headband - made by me
dress-  Lane Bryant
necklace - made by me
jeans - MXM
ruffle camera strap - made by me
shoes - payless

I think I need to make some more necklaces, so I can take some pictures for the tutorial and so I can have more to wear. I LOVE this yellow one and seem to wear it all the time. The funny thing is that I never was a yellow person but lately I love it.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Art Play Date sneak peek

I didn't remember to take any pictures this weekend of what I wore I will try and remedy that tomorrow. We had a busy weekend hosting a play date for Monkey's school friends, had a BBQ with family and friends on Saturday, Sunday Monkey and Muffin went to a birthday party and then we had a lazy day in the pool. Tonight I hosted an art date with Monkey and Muffin's friend. I'm beat but they had so much fun. Here is a sneak peak of some of the art they created.

 I am also so excited about my photography class tomorrow. Can't wait to share the details with you all.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photography Inspiration

Ever since my MIL blessed me with my digital SLR for Christmas (an amazing surprise she gave me her final days) I've wanted to take a course to learn how to use the camera and take better pictures. I've always loved to take picutures I got that love from my dad who use to be a photographer when he was younger back in Poland. My brother and I have tons and tons pictures growing up. So this hobby comes naturally to me. My children have even more pictures of them, then I have.

Tuesday I get to take a beginners photography class at Academy of Photo Arts. I am super excited to learn how to use my camera properly. I have been playing with it and getting some good results but I want to be more consistent with it.  I want to be able to produce great shots of my chidlren and great pictures for this blog.

My cousin also asked me to take some maternity photos of her as she is due in 5 weeks. I can't wait to be able to do this for her.

Since I was feeing a bit under teh weather this week, I've been blog surfing. I foudn some great photography inspiration.

Maternity shoots at Inspire Me Baby
Newborn shoots (for the new baby to come) at Inspire Me Baby
Grosgrain had a bunch of photography related posts but this one for the photo scoop intrigued me
So I found a tutorial here to make your own.
Grosgrain also had a link to this e-book  I think I want to get but I`ll see after my course if I should get it.

Here are some more of my more artistic pictures of the kids.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sew much to make, sew little time

I realize that the summer is quickly passing. We do have packed weekends to make sure that we take advantage of the beautiful summer weather but we're already past mid-July. Seeing that my time to create is less in the summer since I'm taking advantage of the weather, I realized I need to make a list of all the things I want to make for events coming up.
I want to make a Back to School outfit for Monkey. The outfit she wears for the first day of school is always the outfit we use for picture day. Maybe this shirt.

Source: Sewing in No Mans Land
Wedding outfits for the family. We have a wedding in October in KY for Rock's cousin and I thought it would be nice to make co-ordinating outfits for all of us, including ties for my 2 men. 

And maybe this dress for the girls
Source : U Create
Speaking of the wedding would like to make something as a gift but need to figure that out.
Halloween costumes. Tutu will wear his owl costume since he didn't get to go out Trick or Treating last year because we spent the day in emergency with him and his costume will still fit. Monkey said she wants to be a princess so I need to start working on that and am not sure what Muffin wants to be so I need to figure that out. 
I want to adapt this costume as a princess costume for Monkey. She shows how to do the smocking here.
Source: Grosgrain
And need to start thinking about what I want to make for Christmas presents. 
Seems like I have a lot of figuring out to do and a busy summer and fall in terms of creating. And this is above and beyond all the ideas that pop into my head and I feel they need to be made.

Monday, July 18, 2011

What I Wore: Weekend Edition

What I Wore Wednesday seems to be a popular topic for blog posts. I really like the idea but Wednesdays aren't an ideal day for me. I'm going to try out What I Wore: Weekend Edition.
Since there isn't very many pictures of me (I'm always behind the lens of the camera) so I figure that this would force me to get more pictures of myself (at least once a week).
Also it will force me to dress cuter (although I've already started doing this since returning back to work after maternity leave) this will make me more consistent.
So for my first What I Wore: Weekend Edition;
Flower headband - made by me
grey t-shirt - upcycled by me
yellow necklace - made by me
black shorts - Penningtons
black flats - Target
ruffled camera strap - made by me
I originally got Rock to take a picture of me but I wasn't pleased with the results so I took my own picture in the mirror.