Sunday, July 3, 2011

A day at the Cottage

The cottage and the view from the cottage

Yesterday we drove up to Rock's grandparent's cottage. We got up early in the morning so we could spent the whole day there. We hadn't been up in almost 2 years. The girls didn't go to bed until really late because they were so excited to be going up and were making plans of everything they wanted to do. Their plan was to swim in the lake, go fishing, play around, go for a walk to pick flowers so mommy could make a flower crown, get ice cream at the Kwartha Dairy have a BBQ. Grand plans and they almost did it all.

I also had a chance to play with my camera and got some nice shots of them enjoying all this. I also did my first open water practice swim. Wow, it's so much harder then I expected it. The water was so wavy it was hard to keep from getting it in my mouth (it was also colder then I would like). I swam beside a canoe so in case anything happened there was help near by. Rock told me I was being chicken but in my thirties I realize what can happen if something goes wrong and I have 3 little children who need me. Even though I can swim the distance anything can happen, including boats driving by and not spotting you. I did the swim in a decent time (didn't time it as still am not 100% sure of the distance I swam) but even as a seasoned swimmer it got the best of me. I will tell you prefer the civilized environment of the pool over the open lake water.

Our cottage trip in pictures

Rock taking Tutu for a walk so he can nap

The girls enjoying a boat ride on the lake

A silly string fight with their cousins

Some cute pics of the kids playing

Tutu got into the dip

We went for a walk and picked some wild daisies and I made a flower crown for the girls. I never had a chance to finish the second one so the girls shared the one.

Muffin looking all grown up.

Monkey playing around

Monkey blowing bubbles for Tutu

And lastly Tutu met a dog name Biscuit, he really liked him.

We all had an AMAZING day, it was great to visit with Rock's Aunt and Uncle and see many of his second cousins. The kids LOVED every moment of the day, from the playing, to eating ice cream for lunch, swimming in the lake and flying a kite and getting it stuck in a tree.

On the way home Muffin was translating Tutu's babble for us and we were informed that he was saying he wanted to go back to the cottage. Apparently he was saying that today as well. The girls kept talking about all the fun they had until Muffin passed out about 10 minutes into the drive home. At one point she woke up crying and was asking for water. We offered her some but she clarified she wanted to go back and swim in the lake. Looks like we need to make more trips up.


Carrie B said...

Your girls are beautiful. :) I'm jealous of access to a gorgeous lake & cottage! In Michigan it's nutty trying to get home on a weekend such as this, but I vow to make one trip "up north" before fall!

Ania said...

Thanks Carrie,I think they are too.We had such an amazing time. We only went up for the day so we wouldn't get stuck in traffic because it gets crazy.