Monday, July 18, 2011

What I Wore: Weekend Edition

What I Wore Wednesday seems to be a popular topic for blog posts. I really like the idea but Wednesdays aren't an ideal day for me. I'm going to try out What I Wore: Weekend Edition.
Since there isn't very many pictures of me (I'm always behind the lens of the camera) so I figure that this would force me to get more pictures of myself (at least once a week).
Also it will force me to dress cuter (although I've already started doing this since returning back to work after maternity leave) this will make me more consistent.
So for my first What I Wore: Weekend Edition;
Flower headband - made by me
grey t-shirt - upcycled by me
yellow necklace - made by me
black shorts - Penningtons
black flats - Target
ruffled camera strap - made by me
I originally got Rock to take a picture of me but I wasn't pleased with the results so I took my own picture in the mirror. 

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