Thursday, July 28, 2011

Discovery Photography

Tuesday morning I attended a Discovery Photography 101 Beginner workshop at Academy of Photo Arts. I got a discounted price via Groupon. I didn't know what to expect but am glad I did try it out. I only wish I had bought more deals at the time so I would have been able to attend all 3 Discovery Photography workshops.
Two photographers from Piper Studios ran the workshop. They went over fundamental information needed for photography. The first thing they taught  us was aperture and F/ stop, they showed us the different settings and turned us loose outside to practice what we learned. We were to take some pictures with a short or narrow depth of field and one with a long or wide one. If we didn't get it right, they worked with us until we produced 2 examples.
 short depth of field

 wide depth of field


After we went back in and they went over the shutter speed. As before they showed us the different settings and has slides with examples. Again we went back outside to practice. They were very hands on with the individuals who needed help.



The last time we went back in they discussed photo composition, lighting, ISO, white balance, shooting formats, hand eye coordination, menu options and flashes (the last being a question from me). They told us about their travel workshops (which sound amazing but budget wise not in the cards for me right now) and about the Intermediate and Advanced Workshops. They offered a discount if we signed up that day for another workshop or a smaller discount if we sign up for a later date. Again due to budget constraints not in the cards for me but hopefully soon. 
 example of leading lines, repetition, up close and texture
I did learn a lot and have lots to practice with in the meant time. I no longer need to shoot in automatic, I know what the dials and numbers mean.
example of up close and texture
Overall I really enjoyed the workshop. Lots of good information given, a small intimate size of students, lots of hands on opportunities and practice.  The only thing I would change if I were running the workshop would be to give out a one page handout of what they taught us so we would have something to go back and reference. I took some notes but at one point I forgot because I was playing with the settings they were telling us  about. 
 example of photo composition different point of view
If anyone was looking for a beginner's class I would recommend this one. You get a lot of good foundations and practice in a 3 hour time frame.  

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