Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Horrors, no Internet

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days. The worst thing in the world happened (okay maybe not the worst thing in the world but it certainly sucked) we lost our Internet connection for 4 WHOLE days. Yes, I was without access to the World Wide Web for that long (OK I did have some limited access at work and I have access on my new smart phone). I seriously don’t know how people survived without the Internet before.
Seriously it has answers to EVERYTHING. The kids are sick, I goggle the symptoms to see what it could be. If I’m not sure what treatment or action to take I post on facebook and/or my local mom’s group and get amazing advice. I am blessed to have some nurses on my facebook so I get great medical advice. When our washer, dryer and stove broke I googled up manuals and instructions on how to fix them. Some I was able to do on my own (or with my dad’s help) some required an expert to step in but I didn’t need to waste money on a service call until we knew we needed the help.

And getting help with crafting projects, inspirations and how-to’s. TONS and TONS, seriously sometimes I think there is way too much out there. I don’t have enough time to make a fraction of the ideas I come up with on my own never mind all the wonderful stuff others are creating. It helped me learn to crochet (my mother taught me when I was young but only the basic stitches), thanks to YouTube I found some amazing tutorials from here and was able to start working intermediate projects right away.

And community, I have friends all around the globe thanks to the Internet. People I have met on-line via forums, blogs and even facebook. It also lets me keep in touch with friends and family that live far away. 

How awesome and amazing is that? To have such a wonderful took at our fingertips. It does have its downside by spending too much time surfing and not enough time creating but I’m willing to compromise on that.

I haven’t been doing much training because of a couple of reasons. The 2 major ones are I re-injured my shoulder, I have a rotator cuff injury once again and have been seeing a sports medicine chiropractor 3 times a week to make it fell better. I think we’ve almost got it back to normal.  The other thing is I got sick and don’t feel like doing anything, never mind jumping in the pool to train.

That said I have been productive during my off time.

I am currently working on a doll I start in December; this is what I have done so far.
 Front of the head

 Back of the head, still lots of work to go

I made another necklace (still working on the tutorial) and I upcycled a t-shirt

I made this pouch for Monkey to carry around her epi-pen at summer school.

And made a camera strap cover. 

I went to a garage sale this weekend and picked up these 2 items.
 I plan on cleaning up a spray painting the file cabinet turquoise.

And this thing I'm going to use to store embellishments in my art studio.

And tonight after work I quickly whipped up 2 of these skirts. I upcycled from one of my MIL's old shirts.

I will be expanding posts on the above activities but these are sneak peaks on my completed works and those in progress. Hope everyone else has been productive as well, the last few days.


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