Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sew much to make, sew little time

I realize that the summer is quickly passing. We do have packed weekends to make sure that we take advantage of the beautiful summer weather but we're already past mid-July. Seeing that my time to create is less in the summer since I'm taking advantage of the weather, I realized I need to make a list of all the things I want to make for events coming up.
I want to make a Back to School outfit for Monkey. The outfit she wears for the first day of school is always the outfit we use for picture day. Maybe this shirt.

Source: Sewing in No Mans Land
Wedding outfits for the family. We have a wedding in October in KY for Rock's cousin and I thought it would be nice to make co-ordinating outfits for all of us, including ties for my 2 men. 

And maybe this dress for the girls
Source : U Create
Speaking of the wedding would like to make something as a gift but need to figure that out.
Halloween costumes. Tutu will wear his owl costume since he didn't get to go out Trick or Treating last year because we spent the day in emergency with him and his costume will still fit. Monkey said she wants to be a princess so I need to start working on that and am not sure what Muffin wants to be so I need to figure that out. 
I want to adapt this costume as a princess costume for Monkey. She shows how to do the smocking here.
Source: Grosgrain
And need to start thinking about what I want to make for Christmas presents. 
Seems like I have a lot of figuring out to do and a busy summer and fall in terms of creating. And this is above and beyond all the ideas that pop into my head and I feel they need to be made.

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