Monday, August 22, 2011

He's Here

What a crazy few days, Thursday night I didn't get to bed until real late. Tutu was fussing and nursing a lot so I assumed it was his teething since he has 6 teeth coming in. Monkey also joined us in bed with growing pains. Just when I'm finally falling asleep my dad shows up in the bedroom telling me baby is on the way.  I kid you not the first thing I did was grab my belly and say no it's not. And then I realized that my cousin has gone into labour.

She had asked me to be her doula, she figured with me having 3 kids I should know a thing or two. I was honoured that she asked me and excited because I wanted to see a birth. I figured I had time since the baby wasn't due until this week, she hadn't dropped yet, no nesting urges, no Braxton Hicks. She had her OB appointment that morning and there was nothing exciting to report. I didn't bother bringing the phone up to bed with me because I figured I had time.

My phone rang but I didn't hear it so they called my dad and sent him over to wake me up. I got ready scrambled around in the dark and my dad drove me over to her place and so our journey began.  I was with her from just before 2am until just after she delivered at 3:34pm.   During the time I was with her Tutu got sick, apparently shortly after I left, he spiked a fever and ended up vomiting all over my mom (she stayed with the baby as a substitute to me). The lack of sleep, the stress and fighting germs from 2 sick kids (Muffin had the same bug at the beginning of the week) I ended up spiking a fever during the last hour of her delivery.  

It was an amazing life experience. I feel honour and blessed for that opportunity.  Something I definitely will never forget. And I'm now a Cocia (Aunite), how exciting is that?

And so after that wild experience I came home sick with a fever and a migraine and slept. I did nothing all day Saturday and Sunday I dragged my butt out of bed and went with the family to the CNE. 

Due to all that excitement I ignored my blog.  But I did get some good blog worth experiences.  When I'm feeling a little bit better I will share more about them.

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