Thursday, August 25, 2011

He 's a good man

My plan for tonight was to post lovely frivolous pictures of my kids I took last week. At 9pm tonight that changed. I got a call from my father the my Uncle and Godfather is in his final hours/days. His Power of Attorney called to let us know.

I've spent the last few hours making travel plans for my father to fly out to Vancouver to see his brother. I hope and pray that my father can make it there before he passes away so that they have a moment together. My dad has wanted to go out and see him for a while but between him helping us take care of my MIL and/or money it never happened. I feel so guilty about that.

My Uncle is the oldest of 10 children and my father the second youngest. There is only 1 other brother that is living. Their only sister (the baby of the family) passed away a few years ago.

My Uncle is a good man, I have good memories of him, he was always generous with  me but we didn't see him much since he lived across the country. He always says "Family is like fish, they both start to stink after 3 days". Visits with him were never long.

A few years ago he developed Alzheimer's and was placed into a care facility. His wife had passed away years ago and they had no children.  I feel bad that he wasn't surrounded by family but that was the choice he made. I use to talk to him on a regular basis and send him letters and pictures.  I stopped doing that after the Power of Attorney told me he would throw them in the garbage when he got them because he didn't know who I was.  When he talked to my dad he still remember him but he thought that they were back in the old country (Poland) and was always asking about their mother.

I'm sad that this is happening to my Uncle but he did live a long life.  I really just wish that we could have a break with all the sickness and death going on with our families over the last 2 years.

If you are the praying type if you could please say a prayer for my Uncle I would appreciate it. Also if you could pray that he holds on long enough so my dad can make it to see him that would be great.


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Prayers coming your way!