Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tutu's 2nd Birthday Party

On Monday Tutu turned 2 and last Saturday we had a party to celebrate. The theme was Elmo, I had made Elmo cake pops and Elmo fruit platters to help celebrate his special day.

Tutu after he woke up from his nap just before guests arrived. He had a shower just before his nap and woke up with his hair all over the lace so I spiked it up and went with it.  I made the bow tie he is wearing.

The birthday boy and I

Elmo cake pops, I followed this method.

Elmo fruit platter (I forgot to add the orange slices for the nose)

Cookie Monster. I got the idea from Pintrest over here.

Cake time. Sadly I did not make the cake but after making the cake pops and cupcakes I ran out of steam.  The fireworks on the birthday cakes have become a tradition, I buy enough for the year every May when I buy our fireworks for Victoria Day.  Also wanted to add that Rock is looking awesome here, he has now lost over 175 lbs.

Blowing out the candle.

Enjoying his cake pop

My dad and Cookie Monster.  Sadly I didn't get a picture of the decorations  but because of the week we've had (I've sprained my knee and am using crutches) they are still up so I will try and take a picture of them and post.

Present time and sadly one of a very few pictures that the girls are in. I wasn't a very good memory keeper at this party.

Everyone had a blast we were blessed with the company of good friends and family. Tutu was spoiled beyond belief. We feasted on roasted chickens with mushroom gravy, my MIL's famous ham, baked potato and cheese casserole, green beans mozzarella, carrots, salad, pierogies (both cheese and potato and sauerkraut) veggies and dip. Being Polish Rock thought we wouldn't have enough food with 2 hams and 2 chickens for about 26 of us and ended up roasting 4 chickens. Let's just say that even with sending home doggie bags with guests we still had lots of left overs.

Hope everyone is having a creative week, thanks for stopping by and checking out the party.


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