Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First Communion

On April 15 Monkey celebrate the sacrament of her First Holy Communion.  With months of preparation behind us she was able to participate an important part of our faith.

Following in my mother's footsteps she had one made dress for the day and I store bought one.  My mother and I made the dress she wore to the church. We made it in 2 parts so that in 4 years when Muffin celebrates her First Holy Communion she will be able to wear it.  Right now they are almost the same size so in 4 years there is no way it would fit her.  The skirt we left the elastic undone so we can let it out for Muffin and the skirt is very long. If we need to lengthen it we can just add another row of ruffles. As for the shirt we purchase some extra material so we can make a shirt to fit her.  My mother made the purse to go with the dress and I made the flower pin on the dress and the flower wreath and veil.  I have 6 years to figure out how to sew a suit for Tutu's Communion.

We got to the Church about half an hour before mass so we could take some pictures and avoid the crowds after mass.

These pictures were taken at the back of the church

 Sisters at the Altar

Muffin at the Altar

And of course Muffin needed to have her picture taken.

Monkey in front of the Tabernacle

Of course Muffin needed in on the action

The group of children who celebrated the Sacrament together.

I`m a bit disappointed with the church, they don't it by school which is ok,they do it as part of a few regular masses and there are 3or 4 schools who participate. I'm ok with this what disappoints me is that it`s not made special for the children that day, they sit with their parents during the mass, there are no special songs or readings or prayers by the children. The only thing that was done to made them stand out was 1) their names were read int he prayers of the Faithful, 2) they had the children who were celebrating and their families come up first for Communion before the rest of the conjuration and 3) at the end of mass the children were called up to receive their certificates. I wish it would have been a little bit more.

The cake I made for Monkey

A family picture while we enjoy fireworks on the cake.

 My girl looking so big

I am so proud of my girl, she did so well.


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