Monday, April 30, 2012

Creativ Festival - The Goodies

So on Saturday my friend picked me up early, with a quick stop at Tim's for tea and bagels we were on our way to the Creativ Festival.  We had bought our tickets online so we were able to enter the show at 9am before it opened up to the public at 10am.  We did a lot of walking around, we each had our wish lists for things to buy, we had saved up money for the retail experience.  I picked up quite a bit of supplies to last me a while.  Below are some of my goodies.


Here are some things I bought for the kids. I picked up the Hello Kitty to make pj's for the girls and the Elmo for Tutu. And the punches I picked up the set for $10.

 The back row are fabrics I picked up a yard each from MacFAB fabrics. I always spend the bulk of my money here. He carries Amy Butler and Michael Miller fabrics and at the show he sells then 50% off at $10 a yard. Some of them are going to be used for a quilt I want to make for our bedroom (not sure when that will happen but that is the plan). The second and third row are fat quarters I picked up from Log Cabin Yardage. I plan on using the third row ones I plan on using in the quilt.

The 2 sets of fat quarters I picked up from Sew Sisters, some of them will be used on the quilt. The chains I picked up from some beading place didn't pay attention to the name.  The elastics were bought at a shop I shop at every year but don't remember the name of it.

Stamps bought from Close to My Heart. About 4 years ago I tried to see the product but I ended up being my own best customer and so I stopped but I really love the quality of all their product. I am tempted to start selling again.

I picked up these yarns from Sew Knit, I got 5 skeins for $15 plus tax. 1 ball makes a scarf so it works out to $3 a scarf you can't go wrong. Of course I started to work with it already. I hope to get the white one done in time for Mother's Day for my mom.

I picked this up from The Crochet Crowd,  think I'm going to make a cowl or a shawl from this. Not sure yet.

And last but not least I picked up the faux leather from MacFAB for $10 a yard and then found the handles at some store I don't remember their name but I thought the pink would be the perfect pop of colour. And the yellow I am planning a crocheting a couple of purses. The yellow handle has those suspender clasps on the end so I can use it on a variety of bases.

I can't wait to start creating all the goodies I envisioned when I bought all this stuff. I just need time to create.


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