Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

This weekend I celebrated Easter with my family. It was nice to spend time with family, celebrate our traditions and faith.

Good Friday the kids had us up early so we could colour Easter eggs before we went to visit family in the afternoon.

It was a very intense session, everyone was very into making their eggs.  In the last picture Tutu is happy because he was able to participate. I had picked up on clearance last year the spinner egg decorator and it was easy enough for him to use. He  just had to press down on the button and it spun the egg and dye around.  He loved it.

We went to go visit with Rock's Aunt, Uncle and grandparents.  The weather was so nice that the kids spent most of their time outdoors.  They even had their lunch of chicken soup outside.

Saturday morning I had an appointment and Rock drove me, we let a little bit early so we could sneak in a breakfast date.  Ever since we moved to Mississauga from downtown Toronto we have not been able to find a good hole in the wall breakfast diner.  We found a pretty decent place but we are still on the lookout for a good one.  We tried a new place that morning; the food was ok, the ambiance was meh but at least the company was good.  After my appointment we headed home so my dad and I could take the kids to church to bless our Easter baskets, while Rock prepped for our Easter dinner that night.

It is a Polish tradition to bless a basket of food at church on Holy Saturday.  In the basket you have eggs, bread, salt, sausage, we also added sugar lambs and a babka (it's like a sweet bread).

The we had Easter dinner that night because my dad works on Sundays (yes at 78 years old he still works part time 3 days a week). My cousin came over with her family and we celebrated Easter together.  My cousin took over as photographer with her camera so I have no pictures from Saturday night yet.

The girls left some celery and water out for the Easter Bunny along with a note.

The Easter Bunny came and left chocolate all over my house. (Please ignore the mess but it's hard to bend over to pick up stuff and fix slip covers when your knee is out.  In the past the Easter Bunny would leave precise trails leading up to the goods but this year for some reason he didn't do that.

Easter morning checking out what the Easter bunny brought.  Muffin was here too but she came down in her birthday suit so I made her go back upstairs and get dressed so I could take pictures of the mornings events. 

She came down with her sailor dress on backwards.

Here you can see some of the loot the Easter Bunny left. the girls got matching Hello Kity bathing suits, Tutu got a toy that sings and dances. there was some little people and some little girls figures and of course some chocolate.

Before church I curled the girls hair. I was doing a trail run for Monkey's  First Communion next Sunday.

And we hunted eggs. our backyard has 3 sections to it so I gave each kid a section to hunt for the eggs. they had a blast. Tutu only wanted eggs in his basket and it any of the little toys were added he would freak out. They all had a blast.

My attempts at taking Easter pictures of the kids. The girls were all game for it, Tutu not so much so I don't have a decent picture of all 3 of them. I also forgot to take individual pictures of the girls.

These are a few cute one I sneaked of Tutu.

Last but not least this was a picture of me after church. I'm sharing it so you can see how swollen my leg is. I know the quality of the picture isn't great but it's swollen from the thigh down.  My leg barely fits into my pants.  I wore them for the 1 1/2 hours to go the church and back and then changed back into my trusty sweats. I have been living in sweats or yoga pants at home but it seems liek the swelling is getting worse so they are going to become a work staple as well.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.


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