Monday, April 16, 2012

Creative Journey - A Daily Dose of Creativity Week 15

So my knee is still bad, I am much better after physio but still limping and using a cane, still have swelling.  I went for an ultrasound this week to get it checked out. It wasn't the way I planned to spend my birthday but at least we are hopefully going to get some answers.   I managed to have another productive week.

Started an owl sketch

And added some colour

Worked on a doily banner for the weekend.

And worked on the hat


More colour and doodles being added.

put up decorations for the party on the weekend.


Adding more colour to the sketch

Worked on the lat while Tutu nursed and napped on me and finished crocheting the hat.


still working on the background

working on a  new crochet project in the waiting room, while waiting for an ultrasound for my knee.

Monkey was trying on her communion dress, my mom did most of the sewing but I did the wreath and the veil. After this try on we made some more changes. 
 sewing the veil to the wreath


still working on the background

At emerg with Tutu and working on a bow tie for him while he sleeps and we wait for the Dr.


 The completed cake.

Finally weaved the ends of the blanket and it was ready for gifting.


I hope that everyone had a creative week and produced a lot of stuff. Hope the upcoming week is as creative.


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celiacgirl said...

As usual you never cease to amaze me. Unlike you, I'm a bit behind with my posts. Will catch up though. Love the owls! They are adorable. A
lso, Monkey looked beautiful in her dress.