Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Sprained Knee Edition

Well a week ago today I did something stupid and sprained my knee. The spraining of my knee wasn't stupid, that was the painful part it was the thing that caused it, that was stupid.

Last Wednesday we had a healthy living evening at the school, we had an instructor come in and show the kids and the parents Zumba and Tae Kwon Do.  Being on the parent's coucil I helped with the set up and acted as the official photographer.  I didn't do the first sessions of the activities as I was taking pictures but after taking over 230 I figure I could participate in the second set. 

I did fine, doing both I was also flipping my children and my friend's children,spinning them around.  I was well warmed up. After it was time to go we were suppose to be cleaning up, I decided to show the girls how to do cartwheels. Simple thing right, I've been doing them for years.  I did one, I did 2 on the 3rd one I tried to slow things down to show the girls how it's done. I landed, I heard a pop and my knee cap moved like ti's not suppose to.  Yup I messed up my knee doing a cartwheel.

Let me tell you that I have been getting a lot of grief over this but the ones I love best are the ones that tell me that at almost 35 I am too old to be doing cartwheels, that a girl of my size shouldn't be doing cartwheels, are someone out of shape as me shouldn't be doing cartwheels (because apparently if you are a bigger person then automatically you are out of shape). Yes, because all those things combine are true, makes me almost want to do a cartwheel in front of them and mess my knee up even further to provfe them wrong. The pain that I am experiencing from this injury is the only thing keeping me from doing it.

So with this injury there aren't many picture of me in outfits, but being holed up on the couch has afforded me more time to work on my projects.  You can check them out  here where I hold myself accountable on a weekly basis and post my pictures on facebook and twitter daily.
As with previous weeks I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy , Mama Go Round and the Transatlantic Blonde.

 Wednesday doing Zumba
headband - made by me
top - Lane Bryant
pants - Fashion Bug
running shoes - Running Room

Monday- work
headband - made by me
t-shirt - Walmart
flower pins - made by me
pants - MXM
mismatched socks - Walmart
crutch - hospital

Tuesday - work (the whole gang wanted in on the picture but Muffin didn't want to listen that she was being blocked by the wall)
headband - made by me
dress- Lany Bryant
pants - MXM
crutch - hospital

I will say my leg is doing better then a week ago tonight. I can put some pressure on the leg and am able to walk on one crutch now.  My leg is still very swollen and sore, I definitely think it's more then a sprain. I saw the Dr on Friday and he is requesting an MRI for me.  I'll see how things go and if I need a follow up appointment before I go for my physical on April 18.  I really hope my leg is better for next weekend as Rock is throwing me a birthday party and the next day we have Monkey's First Communion. I really need to be better by then because there is a lot to do to host 2 parties back to back.  

I hope everyone had a creative week and the next one will be as creative as well,



Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

I hope your leg/knee feels better, I'm loving that print dress!

Melaina25 said...

Aww poor you! You look like you are having so much fun though in those first pictures and I love that you credit the hospital for your crutch :)
Hope you are feeling better soon!

Ania said...

Thank you so much Megan for the well wishes and the compliment.

Ania said...

Thanks Melaina, it was a lot of fun, and I hope it gets better soon because this royally sucks. :(

Alexandra said...

Oh, crumb. You "heard a pop" - that may well have been the ligament giving way. Argh! I hope you get an MRI soon. :(