Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creative Journey - A Daily Dose of Creativity Week 16

Still not doing much stuff on the physical front. The  knee is still swollen and sore but a bit better. I have increased my range of mobility and can at least straighten my leg. It's a start.  All this time leaving  an indentation on my couch means more crafting time.

Again I am posting this early as I have to be up early as I am getting an MRI on my knee. Hopefully we will get some answers as to what's going on.


Progression of a sketch

Some more crocheting.

Since the cane I am using is determine to stick around. I gave it an Ania makeover and covered it in washi tape.

Completion of a sketch.


Another sketch progression
Doing some more crocheting in the Dr's waiting room


Sketch completed.

A new one started


Some colour added.
Worked on some flowers pins that are going to be sent to Poland with headbands.


Sewing myself a maxi dress

And a semi maxi dress for Muffin

Had some creating ADD. I was so tired from parenting alone this weekend, I couldn't keep my mind on any one project. I did some sketching, I tried to start a dishcloth and I tried to do the embroidery on the baseball hats. Nothing was working so I gave up.

I hope everyone had a creative and productive week, And the upcoming week and  as productive and creative.



celiacgirl said...

Love the maxi dresses. Brings back memories for sure. Creative as always Ania. Hope your knee heals soon. Oh and saw some cool scrapbooking material at Winners and thought of you. You should check it out.

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

wow that is really creative, i looove those sketches