Friday, August 3, 2012

I Think I Am Going Crazy AKA Starting A Small Business

I know I haven't been posting very often or much exciting stuff lately except for my 2 regular weekly post. I thank all of you for sticking around. I plan on coming out of hibernation soon but as I mentioned previously I am now working towards a goal of setting up an Etsy shop by October.  
I have been working hard towards this goal, I am currently reading Right-Brain Business Plan as I put together my business plan. It is a great book geared towards creative entrepreneurs.
I also wanted to share some other resources I have tap while on this journey. I think it's a blessing to share the wealth of knowledge with others.  These blogs have shared their wealth of knowledge and I am putting it all in one place so you don't have to do all the crazy footwork to find it.  I will say that I find that as I read one blog, I click a link to another blog that leads me to another resource.  Some of the resources come up a few times. It's like all this information is interconnected. Like I am meant to find it and the repeats I see just reiterate that I need to pay attention to what is being said here.
I have received a tremendous amount of knowledge and support from the community at Goddess Circle. I joined it over a year ago because I wanted Leonie's business course but it made more sense for me to join the circle and have access to all her course and a community for a few dollars more.  If you are looking for community to support your wild dreams and access to get e-courses ranges from business, to creativity and beyond this is a great resource.  Her blog also has a great wealth of information for starting a business.
When I Grow Up blog, has great insight and free resources
Kelly Rae Roberts has an amazing blog and book. Her book is what started me back on my path of being creative. After having Monkey and Muffin, I went into mom mode, I wanted to be the best mom I could be but it's hard when you lose yourself. I bought her book and got a lot out of it and not just about how to create art.  Then in one of the magazines I read she was featured in it and there was a bog for her. So of course I followed it.  She has great info on starting a creative business and has some e-courses about it too. I have not yet taken the courses yet but plan on it shortly.
This Business Blog Series from Quiltish has given me some good insight and asked some good questions to help me recently.  It had me thinking of things that I wouldn't have thought of on my own.
I started following  Alissa because of her What I Wore Wednesday post through the Pleated Poppy.  But guess what not only is she cute and stylish, she also runs successful business and shares her knowledge as well.   She had a post here on e-commerce that has me rethinking my options. A post here on having a handmade business. As you can see I'm am getting some good info here.
Oh My Handmade.This is one I just recently turned onto and boy am I getting some good info from here.
I found the Blacksburg Belle blog through one of my bread crumb searches I mentioned above.  I love her videos and she gives great information. I signed up for her newsletter and was lucky enough to take advantage of her birthday sale and purchased her e-courses.  I am currently working through them and getting lots of good insight.
The Etsy Seller Handbook, OMG this has sooo much amazing information.  Even if you don't end up selling on Etsy you can glean so much good information from here.
I am so excited and yet totally terrified about this new chapter in my life, there is a lot of work involved to getting this started right.  I am exhausted from working full time, trying to enjoy the summer with the kids and regular household duties plus trying to get this set up. I spend my breaks and lunches doing research and reading. My free moments while watching the kids crocheting and coming up with products to see l and trying out potential product designs and also reading and working on my business plan.   I know that this exhausting schedule wont' stop once I get going but I have to focus on my end goal.
I have to thank my friend A for sending me an e-mail that pushed me forward. I was a bad friend and didn't respond to her for a month but that's because I was putting my plan into action and I wanted to be able to respond back to her with something positive.  She has been a great friend and cheerleader for me for years. I met her at a Youth Employment Seminar where she was teaching. She helped me get my first job and later started working at the non-profit where she got me placed.  She has helped me a lot throughout the years and I really appreciate her support, her advice and her friendship.  Thank you so much A for sticking with me all these years.
Hope that if you are on this journey as well this was helpful to you,

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