Monday, August 20, 2012

How Marketing Rocks a Date

I swear at this point I can name random business and marketing facts and tie in examples into my personal life and even my work life. Stuff that most people don't care about I bring into the conversation because it is what I am spending most of my free time researching. 

For example, on Wednesday Rock and I headed to the Apple Store (without kids, I know a hot date right?), because his beloved Ipod Nano dies. Yup it no loner works. He used that thing on a daily basis for 4 1/2 years. It served him well. While we were at it we brought mine to be checked out too because it's starting to act up after 5 years.  So we were talking with the genius and I told him that these babies were well loved and how long we used it.  After finding out that they can't be repaired, we found out the price to replace them or we could take a 10% discount on a new product.  Well since we (ok, I had) been eying the Itouch we purchased a one for now (since my ipod is still working). So in the car, Rock said why the hell would I mention to them how long we've had the product when we are trying to get something from them. So I told him that, this is a service that they offer to everyone regardless of how long you own your product. I also told him that it's cheaper for them to offer us the 10% discount to keep us a loyal brand customers then it is for them to pay for advertising to get new customers. Yup, I just used all that knowledge I have been pouring over for hours on my husband.  Doesn't that make for a great date? But at least it proves to him that I am serious about my commitment to getting this business started.

So in my quest to get this business going I am ready to gather my information and come up with my business plan, I know what info I need to have now I just need to develop it.  I am also messing around with products.  I have to figure out my target market and cater towards that. I *know* I am not my target market. I also have to figure out if I will cater to kids, adults or both. 

 Gathering images to collage my Right Brain Business Plan

Here are some of the blogs I am checking out lately. This post resonates with me so much but seriously you need to check out her whole site. I am gleaning so. much. good. information from here. Here and here is also where I spent most of last week.

Slowly working towards my dream, no backing out now.


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