Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday- Rocking Hair

OMG I sucked at taking pictures this week. But the one day I did take pictures was the best day.  My hair ROCKED on Sunday and I'm glad I have the photos to prove it, even if they are kinda poorly lit.  It was by soon to be Godson's 1st birthday and party on Sunday.  
I can't believe that just over a year ago I help support my cousin while she gave birth.  Can I just say that it is soooo much harder to support then to give birth. Mind you when she started pushing a fever hit me so it might have been better if I was feeling ok.   Also if any of my labours and pushing took as long as her's did that I would not have 3 kids. Seriously, she was in labour for over 24 hours (I was with her for 23 of those hours) and pushed for over an hour. My longest labour was 10 hours, and my longest pushing was 15 both with Monkey, with Muffin I was in labour for 8 hours, I went from 3cm to baby in 1 hour and 5 minutes. And 5 minutes was pushing, she just shot out. And Tutu was messed up labour with everything going on but it was about 9 hours and 8 minutes of pushing. So you an see why I kept having kids (it was easy for me) and I still would if Rock hadn't stopped me ;).

This week was a semi-productive week in terms of my projects. You can check them out  here where I hold myself accountable on a weekly basis and post my pictures on facebook and twitter daily. 
 As with previous weeks I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy , Mama Go Round and the Transatlantic Blonde.
And the post is going up early today as Rock took Monkey and Muffin to gymnastics and I stayed home with Tutu and just hanged. I normally clean Tuesday nights when I only have 1 helper around but after the major cleaning I did on the weekend (cleaned, purged, organized and moved furniture) I needed a break.  I was still cleaning last night too. 

My cousin and I and Muffin.

headband - made by me (I am so loving this one and wearing it all the time, the colours make me happy)
pearl necklace - very old left to me by my Aunt
top - it's either Thyme Maternity or Penningtons
cuff - made by me
jeans - MXM
shoes - Walmart

I forgot to mention last week that I got new glasses (because my old ones broke 4 times in a year, so the Dr had that company replace them for me free of charge) and new shoes. 

Usually in my posts you don't see my shoes because when I come home the first thing I do is take off my shoes and if I go out I go outside barefoot to enjoy the grass under my feet while I can and the weather is nice.  But these ones are so pretty and colourful and make me happy,  I love pink.
And an we talk about my hair? These pictures don't do it justice but it looked awesome. I got so many compliments on it.  I love it.  Bu seriously an hour to do my hair, no way that's going to happen on a regular basis, before kids I spent that kind of time but not now. It's so simple I teased the top and put it up half-way. I pinned the back into a little flower (I was trying for a bow but my cousin said it looked like a flower), then I curled every so often.  Now if only I would go an colour my hair so it would look decent, I haven't done that since the beginning of the year (over 6 months ago) and may get a trim that hasn't been done sine October when Rock's grandfather did it for me on our trip to Louisville.   I think I may go and get that done next week when we are on vacation.
Speaking of vacation my Creative Journey post that is normally done on Sunday nights will be delayed until Monday when we come back from the cottage. Also there won't be any pictures on facebook or twitter as no internet connection up there.  We have 6 days off from work and they are jammed pack. Up at the cottage for a few days, then visiting the Ex on Tuesday, Wednesday we will go to Canada's Wonderland, Thursday I hope to get my hair done and Monkey and I have Dr's appointments and I want to take the girls shopping for their back to school shoes, Friday another trip to the Ex and then rest and relax over the long weekend. We may take a trip to Marineland  at some point but I would rather not after the week we will have.
I hope that everyone had a great week and  creative week.

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