Sunday, August 19, 2012

Creative Journey - A Daily Dose of Creativity Week 33

I can't believe it's believe I've been doing this for over 30 weeks, it all started here.  I have been doing at least one creative act everyday for over 30 weeks now.  There has been days when I haven't taken a picture of what I have done every day but I have been creative. 

This week wasn't bad in terms of productivity. There was some really productive days and some not so much I am trying to juggle creating while doing research and reading as well.

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 Working on my newest sketch

Fixed the ear and made another headband


The owl hat completed

Progress on the sketch, adding a border

Another headband made

More progress on the sketch


Finished the sketch, my poor Cerise marker died at the end. :( It was such a fun colour.

Even more headbands, the girls wanted some too and lets me see how they will stand up to young girl abuse.

Collecting images to collage my Right Brain Business Plan

I also baked 6 dozen cupcakes

Starting on a bow-tie while waiting for the Go Train on the way home from the Ex

Got the main part of the bow done

The following pictures where taken to day but the work was done yesterday.

I did face painting with the girls, ignore Monkey's messy face, she had just finished eating.

And cut out cupcake wrappers with the Cricut and made chocolate cupcakes with and orange cream cheese icing.


Made Rock a fancier then normal bacon and eggs

Finished the bow-tie for my Godson's 1st birthday today. Yup, I got it in my head the day before that I was going to do this, but thankfully I got it done.

Tutu and my Godson in the bow-ties I made them.

I hope everyone had a creative and productive week, and the upcoming week is as productive and creative.


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