Thursday, August 23, 2012

What Procrastinating Causes

I am suppose to be making coleslaw and packing for the cottage, we are going away for a few days to Rock's grandparent's cottage.  I want to go and get away for a few days, I just don't want to do the packing, I only have a little bit left to do but don't' feel like it right now.

I figured if I am procrastinating I should update you guys with my progress.  There hasn't been much, I am waiting for the quiet and the less distractions at the cottage to work on my Right Brain Business Plan. Working out product ideas, had a great idea for a new hat design and will make Tutu a prototype.

I found some more great links to share for any of you interested.

Handmadeology - a great resource for those with Etsy shops although the knowledge an be used for any small business.They have a great article for starting an Etsy store.  In that article I found a great link for this site Imaginative Bloom, they have a bunch of great creative business articles that I really enjoyed until I realized that they were written by April from Blacksburg Belle that I mentioned before. Gussy had a series on her blog today with inspirational business tips, that she co-hosted here are Just .

I hope that these can help you out a bit, I found them very useful.

Today after spending much of my breaks and lunches at work researching I broke out some new watercolours and just played.

Tomorrow we are off for a few days of rest and relaxation before we have a crazy busy week of fun filled vacation days.  I hope you have a couple of creative days while I am off.


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