Monday, September 12, 2011

Eating Humble Pie

After Saturday's race I had to eat a very big slice of humble pie.  I am very disappointed in myself  for not finishing the race. I assumed that with my swim background that it would be easy. My first time back in the pool after not swimming in 2 years I did the 750m in  20 minutes, over the months of training I got it down to 13 minutes.   It should be easy, after I did the once swim in the lake at the cottage I was a bit worried, swimming in the lake was very different then swimming in the pool.

I know I made mistakes, from not training in the conditions I was going to swim in, to never swimming in a wetsuit (first time I had it on was for the race), to not getting there early enough to warm up. We got there late and were running around to get registered, changed an in the water. Lots of lessons learned.

I was moaping all morning because I was/am upset with myself over not finishing.  It's like writing that essay, putting in all that hard work and not saving it before you shut down. All that hard work and nothing to show. My team mate told me to go out and do the swim so at least I could say I did it. I reluctantly went out and did it.  I had another attack so I know the cold water and I don't mix (which makes sense because if I try and run  in cold air I get an asthma attack). I learned a lot of lessons from Saturday.

Apparently I have been told that  we're doing the race again next year and my goal is to make it to the next buoy. Need to have attainable goals. All kidding aside, we are going to try again next year and I will do more training in a wet suit out in a lake. 1) to condition myself to the cold water and 2) get over my fear of lakes.

Here's to finishing the race next year.

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~julee~ said...

Good for you for trying and for setting the goal for next year! Good luck!

Ania said...

thank you so much Julee