Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - Vacation Edition

Again this week I don't have that many pictures to share. This edition is my vacation edition, as last week Rock and I were on vacation. Yesterday I wore a rocking outfit but I forgot to take a picture before work because I was taking Monkey's back to school pics and after work I went straight to the soccer field.
As the previous weeks I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy, That Kind of Mom and Momma Go Round.
A day at the Ex.
headband - made by me
top, belt and shorts - Penningtons
shoes - payless

This outift I never got a formal picture of so I've used 2 picutres to document it. Another day at the Ex.
headband - made by me
bib necklace - made by me
top - Winners
jeans - MXM
shoes- payless
backpack - Walmart
and my most favorite accessory of this outfit - Tutu

After attending a funeral.
top and skirt- upccled by me
headband - made by me
belt - Penningtons
shoes - payless

 Playing outside with the kids.
top - Lany Bryant
yoga pants - Penningtons


Carrie B said...

Love the bib necklace! I'm obsessed with how CUTE they are, but as a massage therapist I can't have things dangling. Bummer!

Laura said...

Wow, super cute outfits this week! Your homemade accessories always look so good! Love the necklace and I love the purple/black outfit with the belt!
Thanks for linking up again!

Ania said...

Carrie but you don't work all the time you could still wear one after

Ania said...

Thanks Laura, I like that outfit too

readwatchrelax said...

wow, that necklace is full of awesomesauce!! I'm so jelly of you crafty people...i just end up gluing my fingers!!
visiting from that kind of beautiful.

Ania said...

thank you, I love to make things.