Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - Colour

So this is the coloured addition. There is much more colour this time around and it's not just my accessories (although a lot still is).   I was also blessed this last week with new clothes. I had a gift certificate for Penningtons that I used to buy some new tops, skirt and leggings. And then we went to Buffalo for our anniversary and I was able to pick up a few things as well.  I've also tried to be more playful with my pictures as well.
As the previous weeks I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy, and Momma Go Round.
Flower in the hair - made by me
top - new from Penningtons
belt - Penningtons
jeans- MXM
 Fun picture of me to shake things up
headband - made by me
dress - Target
cowl- made by me
flower pin on cowl - made by me
jeans - MXM
shoes - Walmart
purse - made by me

flower in the hair (not seen) - made by me
dress - Fashion Bug
 shoes - Payless
headband - made by me
top- new from Penningtons
 skirt - new from Penningtons
 knee high socks - new from Target
shoes - new from Payless
 headband - made by me
tank top - new from Target
boyfriend sweater - new from Target
belt - scarf from Lane Bryant
jeans - MXM
 running shoes - Running Room

 I guess I can be playful with my kids around too.
headband - made by me
top - new from Dress Barn
jeans - MXM
shoes - Payless
headband - made by me
 scarf - Lane Bryant
t-shirt - not sure
skirt - Penningtons
 tights - new from Target
shoes- Payless

I was told yesterday that I looked like a little girl in this outfit.  Apparently I'm too old for the blue tights. Little did they know that coloured tights are hot for fall. I think I look cute and it's a good thing I dress for myself and not others.

 close up of the new shoes

Hope you enjoyed my outfits.  Let me know what you I think, I love to read your comments. 



Messy Mom said...

Aw, you look cute and fun. Do you really live on a farm? I am so jealous!

cate said...

I have the same tights, so I'm a fan.:)

Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Love the purple with the belt, love the socks, love the dress....oh heck love it all! Love your style :)

Genn said...

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Love all your fun accessories! and you make your flowers and headbands? so fun!

Barbara said...

I love the purple top with the belt! I also love that dress from the fashion bug, it looks great on you!

Ania said...

Thanks Messy Mom, but sadly we don't live on a farm. We live in the city. My blog name is a play on my last name.

Ania said...

Cate, I saw yours. I was just happy to find trendy tights in my size (and the good price was just a bonus).

Ania said...

Thank you so much. I've been having so much fun with my clothes since starting WIWW.

Ania said...

No problem, I make the rolled flowers but the silk flowers are bought from Micheal's and hot glued to headbands.

Ania said...


Thank you so much.