Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to Reality

This past week Rock and I had a week off work. We got to spend the last 10 days with our kids, having fun, taking day trips and hanging out. We started the vacation off at the cottage, then we went to Wonderland on Tuesday, Wednesday we went to the Ex with my dad, Thursday and Friday were days spent cleaning and purging (since it's a garbage exemption week), Saturday the kids and I hung out with friends, Sunday our 3rd trip to the Ex this year and today sadly Rock and I attended a funeral. It was a busy action packed week and tomorrow it's back to reality; Rock and I return back to work to our busy peak time and Monkey, my baby girl is starting grade 2.
Here are some pictures from the later half of the week.

A family joke

Tutu riding a "horse"

I've been getting pictures of the kids in front of this wheel since Monkey's first visit.

And this year we tried with Tutu but Dziadu needed to step in and help.

And enjoying the rides.

Tutu loved this ride.

Tutu did not want to get off this ride.

They were having so much fun.

At the back yard circus.

And then the puppet parade

the kids plus my dad and the Ex mascots

Sunday visiting the army exhibit.

 Here I am trying on a weighted army outfit. The whole get up weighs around 95lbs. I figured no problem because when I lift all 3 children at once (Monkey on my back and Muffin and Tutu on my hips it's well over 100 lbs). But then I went and did this and the woman was in awe and was directing me to the recruiting centre.

We all had a blast, we enjoyed time together as a family and Rock and I tried to make up to the kids the last 2 summers of being stuck at home.  Lots of memories were made and will be cherished.


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