Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

So today Monkey started grade 2. I can't believe that she's in grade 2 already; that in May she will be celebrating her First Communion. Where does the time go?

Don't you just love her posing? She's quite a little fashionista, and that poor backpack is almost bigger then her.

Monkey and Muffin waiting outside the school. Monkey is happy because her 2 BFF's are in her class. As of right now she is in a 1/2 split class, but all that can change when all the final numbers are tallied and they reorganize the classes.

And tonight Monkey`s soccer team played in the semi-finals. They lost 3 to 1 to the top seeded team but they played their hearts out. The girls played their  best game all season tonight. It was a tie game until close to the end. After the game we all headed to the club house to pick up trophies for the girls, we also picked up Muffin`s trophy as she missed her pick up when we were at the cottage.  She was so excited, she told us "This is my first trophy ever, it's all mine". So cute.


Anonymous said...

The first day of school is always so exciting! She looks so cute.

Ania said...

thanks she's getting more and more into clothes