Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - flower ring

I've had another full and busy week. I've had some break throughs the last week. I blogged about them here and here. And I managed to take pictures almost every day the past week, the only day I didn't was Sunday and that's because I didn't really make an effort to get dress up, it was yoga pants and t-shirt all day. 

Still  being mostly  couch bound  has afforded me more time to work on my projects.  You can check them out  here where I hold myself accountable on a weekly basis and post my pictures on facebook and twitter daily. That said I am going to the gym tomorrow for the first time since I screwed my knee up. Wish me luck.

 As with previous weeks I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy , Mama Go Round and the Transatlantic Blonde.
  Wednesday - work
 t-shirt - Winners
cowl necklace and flower pin- made by me
 belt - Forever 21
pants - MXM

Thursday - work and dinner to celebrate my parents 36th Wedding Anniversary
headband - made by me
top - Fairweather
cardi - Fashion Bug
skirt - Thyme Maternity
ring - Michaels  - I picked up 2 of them for $1.50 each. I've been wearing them almost everyday.

Friday - Work

flower - made by me
top- Addition Elle
jeans - MXM

Saturday - zoo and visiting Rock's family
headband - made by me
dress - target
flower pis and belt made by me
jeans - MXM
ring - Michaels
Monday - work

 headband - me
top- Fashion Bug (located  at the bottom of my closet that I have recently clean out, not sure if I still like it or not)
belt- Forever 21
pants - MXM
ring - Michaels

Tuesday - work and school council
  flower - made by me
cowl necklace and flower - made by me
top - Penngintons
maxi dress - made by me
ring - Michaels
  On a side note, can anyone tell me if there is a way in blogger to respond to each comment or do I just have to respond to them as my own comment (I hope that made sense)?

I hope that everyone had a great week and  creative week.


celiacgirl said...

You look fabulous as usual. Also, I have the same question about blogger as u do! :)

Emily said...

So cute! As to your question, I am not quite sure how mine does it, but at the bottom of each comment it has a "reply" button. If you respond on one huge comment, most likely they will never see it, but otherwise it sends your response to their email...hope this helps. I am following you now!

Melaina25 said...

If you want to respond to individual comments you should install Disqus!

MySweetCreations said...

I love your bright blue necklace!!! Awesome! :)

Jodi said...

Awesome maxi dress that you made! Still loving that cowl necklace too!

Ania said...

Thanks Shirley, I will keep you updated on the responses about blogger.

Ania said...

Thank you Emily, I appreciate the follow and will follow you back.

Ania said...

Thanks Melaina, I will check that out.

Ania said...

Thanks Jodi.