Monday, June 11, 2012

Quashing Voices

As you noticed, the mood of my blog has changed recently as I've become more reflective and am sharing my process with you. My last few posts were about me wanted to be a better person and reach my potential. That is all well and good an lofty goals, but how can I become a better person if I am not content with who I am. And if I am not content with who I am then what do I need to work on to get me to that place. I need to take stock and make a mental inventory of all the things me, the good and the bad. Figure out what I like and what I don't and improve upon that.   I think overall things are pretty good but I do have some major demons and voices I need to overcome.  The biggest are the ones I've mentioned before which is the "I'm not good enough" voice.  I really must find a way to shut the girl up because logically I know it's not true, when I have people asking me when am I going to start selling my creations so they can buy them. But when it comes to the voices, logic has no say.  It's funny how irrational we can be when emotions and heart are involved.  Do you have any voices or demons preventing you from taking action or loving yourself?


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