Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fighting Past the Fear

I wrote this yesterday and fear from sharing so much of me preventing me from posting this but yet another post on fear and taking  a leap of faith prompted me to post this.  

I am in a horrible mood today. I am pissy, snapping at other, I am not happy. I think I am reacting this way because the universe if giving me some signs and I'm at the point whine I need to shut up,  listen and act. But the mere thought of taking a leap of faith, fighting past the fear, silencing voices makes me feel uneasy, I feel physically ill. I am not  a nice person t be around.
Fear is my biggest hurdle and in the past few days I've had blog posts literally show up in my in-box about it (here and here). It's time for me to make a stand against my fear.
Maybe then I won't be such a grumpy grouch anymore.
As I am writing this and reflecting, I  notice that I feel a bit better, I need to remember that the act of putting pen to paper frees the soul It allows me to release the energy, the burdens I carry so that I can feel better, lighter.
It's not to say it makes it all go away but it allows me to release the hold the thoughts have on me.
Also writing it out before I type it, allows me to be freer with my words, my thoughts. When I do type it out I can edit the details I wish to remain private.
This is an act I need to start doing again daily, a cleansing of my soul.
Do you journal when you are in a bad mood? Does it help you lessen the burden? Do it help free your soul? Does it make you feel better, lighter?

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