Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

There isn't very many outfits this week due to my being sick. 

As the previous weeks I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy and Mama Go Round.

 headband - made by me
t-shirt - Penningtons
belt - Penningtons
jeans- Request

And of course the kids had to get into the self-timer action.

This is what I wore to Monkey's party. You can check out my decor for the party here and I hope to be posting more pictures from the party later today.
headband- made by me
t-shirt - Dress Barn
necklace cowl - made by me
skirt - Penningtons
tights - Target

And this is what I wore to Moneky's BFF's birthday on Sunday.
headband - made by me
dress - Target
scarf - Lane Bryant
leggings - Penningtons

And that's all you get because I got sick and have been bumming around in sweats. Tomorrow gonna try and head back to work. I hope the cough doesn't keep me up all night and the sinus headaches go away.  I've been pretty miserable. And can I say after 2 days of sleeping getting up this morning sucks, royally.



Melaina25 said...

Love how you belted the top. I think I'm going to have to try that trend already :)

Hope you'll link up with What I Wore Wednesday: http://transatlanticblonde.blogspot.com/2011/11/what-i-wore-wednesday_30.html

Ania said...

thanks, it's been a fun way to wear my tops and give them new life.

Jodi said...

Hope you're feeling better! I'm impressed with all the things you make yourself... a cowl necklace? How cool!!