Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Party and a lot of craziness

We had a busy weekend and it's going to be a busy week so there isn't going to be too many posts from me this week. Over the weekend I: ran to Shoppers Drug Mart and printed out my pictures to use in my Christmas cards and scored 20X the points,  cleaned up the backyard with the kids (put all the summer toys away for the winter), finished making the chocolate picks for the cupcakes for Monkey's party next weekend, made chocolate mustaches for the party, prepared 2 backgrounds and sketches for 2 more wall hangings for 2 birthday girls next weekend, made some paper banners to decorate for Monkey's party and started decorating, went to our work's Holiday party for the kids at the Science Centre, finished up all the loots bags for the party, filled the pinata, took the girls to a birthday party and started working on our Christmas cards. It was a busy a productive weekend,

This week I am trying to do a little of the major cleaning each night and then on Friday night finish it all off. We're in party prep mode. In the morning we are having Monkey's classmates over for a pamper party,nails, face masks, make-up, making body glitter and a spa lunch and in the late afternoon we are having our friends and family over for another party.  This way I only need to clean the house once.

Saturday night we went to the Science Centre, we used to have a family membership and it looks like we might be getting another one in the new year because the kids had sooo much fun. They didn't want to leave.  We had the whole place to ourselves after hours, it was still full since it was all the offices in the GTA but it wasn't crowded.

This is what Muffin was doing waiting for Santa.

And Tutu waiting for Santa.

Monkey went one stage to help just before they started showing the Vandergraph Generator.   She was an electron orbiting the proton,

The girls on the Vandergraph Generator.

Checking out a tornado.

Tutu enjoying Kidspark

Maybe he`ll be a Doctor?

Love it when my kids play together.

 Dizzy baby

Tutu loved the construction area.

And the girls loved the shopping area.

Tonight I did a little more cleaning, I purged a big garbage bag full of toys from the basement toy room while cleaning.  I also worked some more on the birthday wall hangings, they aren't finished but are looking great. I'm so excited I just need to share.



Anonymous said...

Geeze lady, you have been busy busy busy! I can't wait to see the details of this party. I'm sure it's going to be amazing.

Science Centers are so much fun!!! My daughter loves them & so do I. They aren't just for kids, right?

Hope you get everything you need to accomplished & have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Ania said...

I know busy, busy. I hope the party turns out good. So much prep work goes into it.

I LOVE science centres. I loved it as a kid and now. So much fun.

We had our Thanksgiving last month but hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving.