Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - Crazy Edition

Another crazy week has gone  by I can't believe that the Holiday's are almost here.
Did some crafting, did some shopping, didn't do much blogging.

For quite some time I have been wishing for a down weekend. One where we are running around so I can relax and maybe tackle a few projects around the house but that doesn't look like it will happen this year. 

This weekend while Rock is away for the day on Saturday my friend is coming over with her daughter for a play date and I'm getting my Christmas decorations up, so that on Sunday my cousin and her family can come over and we can take each other's Christmas family portraits for our cards.

The following weekend we have our kid's Christmas party (or Holiday party as they call it) at the Science Centre. And we have a birthday party to attend.  The following weekend is Monkey's birthday party and we have another birthday party to attend.

With all this going on my house is starting to feel neglected. I need to reorganize my closets, I need to clean up Tutu's room which has turned into a dumping ground for the projects I'm neglecting. Since he still sleeps with us his room isn't being used other then to store stuff.  I want to clean and reorganize my craft room and the biggest thing is unpack boxes from when we moved.

It's almost been 2 years since we moved her and almost a year since MIL has passed away. I didn't get a chance to unpack while she was sick and after that I was trying to make up tot he kids for the last 2 years of care giving.  It's time to tackle that challenge. The funny thing is that most of the boxes have crap I'm going to get rid of, the problem lies that there are a few things that I want or need from them (my OTT light for one) so I actually do need to open them and sort. Sigh.

As the previous weeks I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy and Mama Go Round.

My Friday outfit is kinda uninspiring.
sweater - Penningtons
tank top- Fashion Bug
jeans - MXM

Saturday's outfit was suppose to be warm and comfortable since we were running around Southern Ontario. While we were shopping at Mary Maxim I spotted these pink feather hair clips and bought them because I have wanted pink hair so badly but it hasn't worked out. I was getting impatient. Haha, had I know I only had to wait one more day.
headband - made by me
feathers - Mary maxim
Sweater - Target
t-shirt - Penningtons
jeans - Penningtons

This is my pink hair after I got it done on Sunday. No outfit post since I was wearing yucky clothes I didn't care would get ruined when doing my hair. My friend came over and helped me.

 At work on Friday a co-worker upset me so I decided I was going to dress more professional and not talk to anyone to make a point (very mature I know, and so not my style). Rock laughed at this and told me I would last an hour not talking to anyone. Well he was right. After I took the picture I realize that the             blazer is too big on me now.
blazer (from 4 years ago) - Penningtons
t-shirt - upcycled by me and not see
pants - Penningtons

Yesterday's outfit we are back on track with my more playful outfits.  I took a picture of the back of my ponytail so you can see the playful addition I added to it. When we did the pink streaks we also added one under my hair on the opposite side so when I have my hair up you can see some playfulness too.  I love my pink hair, I wanted to be more fun and colourful.  But boy does it have people talking.
headband -made by me
sweater - Target
pants - Penningtons

So is anyone else craving for some quiet time before the craziness of the Holiday season starts? Although after reading this I realized that a lot of people reading this are in the US and your Holiday season starts a bit earlier with Thanksgiving.


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That pink highlight in your hair is awesome! :)