Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random Updates

So I've been busy lately but not in a blogging mood.  I finished a bunch of projects lately.

I made this ruffle scarf for a friend.

I made the invites for both of Monkey's birthday parties.  We're doing a spa themed party for her friends form school. They are gonna get their nails done, facial masks, make-up applications and we're going to make some body glitter. And then they will have a spa lunch comprised of tea sandwiches, crudity, fruit platters and cupcakes.  The girls can't wait until the party.  The second party will be the same day with family and friends.  I  also managed to get all the loot bags packaged up for the party as well. 

Friday night Scholar's Choice was having their midnight madness sale to kick off the Holiday Season. I ended up making 2 trips out that night.  I went with all the kids on my own since Rock was out for the night with his friends.  It was hard to shop with all of them that I forgot to look for some things I needed for upcoming birthdays and Christmas. 

I originally went to pick up a workbook for Monkey to teach her cursive handwriting since her teacher recommended to try cursive writing since the printing is not working out so good and we are still waiting for the occupational therapist.

The first time I went I picked up by chance some things that were a really good deal. When I went back I stocked up on them and have all the Christmas presents for all the kids we are giving gifts to. I spent $100 and got $300 worth of stuff. I was pretty pleased with myself.

Yesterday we took the family for a day trip. We drove down to Paris, Ontario to visit Mary Maxmim. Usually my mom and I shop there at the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival, it was nice to see the store but I don't know if I will make that long drive out there on a regular basis. After that we drove up to St. Jacobs to visit the farmer's market. It was crazy busy there, at one point I lost Muffin, she went in with my mom to get coffee but I didn't know and I freaked out. Thankfully she was safe. And if that wasn't a long day we then went out for a visit with friends who live in that area.  We were exhausted by the time we got home.

And today my friend came over and she helped me dye my streak pink, I've been wanting it to be pink for a while.  Today she was able to help me.

Hopefully I will get out of my funk and start producing more productive posts.


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