Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pamper Party

So to celebrate Monkey's 7th birthday I planned a pamper party for her at home. Over the summer she went to a party at a salon that did something similar but with a much heftier price tag. Being the cheap frugal person I am I decide to do this at home.

 We did face masks

And we coloured.

Getting nails, done, face masks and makeup.

And we had a dance party in the basement waiting for more guests to arrive.

group picture

These are the headbands I made for all the girls, each one is a little different but I love the way they turned out.

celebrating the mo.

the girls got in on the movember action too.

and we made body glitter

 And we had some princesses visit.

And we had cupcakes

I recylced last year's pinata

Monkey going for it

Muffin getting her turn.

And the completed gift for Monkey.

This week between being sick, having to go to Church for Monkey's school's Advent mass (that we were only told about on Tuesday) and life it's taking me since Wednesday to upload pictures for this post.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the special day as we enjoyed the actual day.


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