Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Party

So last weekend not only did we celebrate Monkey's 7th birthday but the next day her BFF was having her 6th birthday. She also has a December birthday and it's just easier to celebrate it last weekend in November.  She had a princess party and Cinderella came to visit.

This Thursday  Monkey was part of the Glee choir at school and they sang at church for the Advent Mass.

And yesterday we had our work Christmas party, its a cheap night out where we get to dress up, have a nice dinner and dance.

This is me in the bathroom at the party. I never got around to asking anyone to take any decent pictures of me. You can't really tell in these pictures but I used a pair of socks under my hair to give some height up front.  I actually liked how my hair turned out it was a collaboration of a few different hairstyles I pinned on Pinterest. And I do like how this dress turned out, there are a few things I would do better next time but I am still proud of it.

Rock and I ready for a night out.  Look at how big his jacket is, he's doing so awesome with his weight loss I am so proud of him, he's lost over 130 lbs.

And while this picture was uploading he and I danced in our family room to Andrea Bocelli's Con te Partiro, it was the song we danced our first dance to as husband and wife.
A self-portrait after dinner.

Self-portrait on the dance floor

Tearing up the dance floor. I miss dancing but not a good mix with attachment parenting and extended nursing. I love that last picture of me; looks like I was having a good time.

And tonight we went out to dinner with my parents to celebrate Monkey's 7th birthday. She is being spoiled this year with birthday parties and special dinners.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend too.



celiacgirl said...

Wow!awesome pics. Uour outfit turned out amazing and the sock idea ingenious. December is a big birthday month for me too with hubby and the kid both being Sag's...hehe. Your outfit turned out beautiful. I'm writing this while Artie is playing "Drake" the latest game (his early B'day gift).

Ania said...

thanks S,