Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas day

Christmas morning Monkey was so excited because the Tooth Fairy came and gave her money and Santa had come that she bound into our room at 6:30. Rock got up with her and started prepping breakfast by 7:30 all the little ones were up and impatiently waiting to open presents from Santa.

My little monkeys waiting to open presents.

Opening and playing with presents from Santa. Rock got a roasting pan, I got art supplies, both girls got play dough sets, Monkey got the Barbie Princess Charm School doll house, Muffin got some Barbies from Princess Charm School and Tutu got a Little People train track and some Chuck the Talking truck cars.

After that round of presents Rock made us breakfast, he friend up some bacon and made a Puffy Oven Pancake from Aesthetic Nest (yes she provided us lots of food recipes this Christmas). My mom use to make something similar growing up, we called it Dutch Puff and it was super yummy. My mom and I really enjoyed the breakfast.

After breakfast we opened up yet more presents. We opened our stockings from Santa and presents from each other and my parents.

Enjoying Candy Canes

And after dinner we took pictures as the whole family.

I'm glad we were able to get these pictures all together.

And my little models posing for the camera.

It was a quiet Christmas, not like ones we've know in the past where we are surrounded by chaos, family, laughter and love. This year it was just us and my parents. It was nice to have a quiet Christmas but we obviously don't know how to cook a Holiday meal for only  of us because we had a ham, a 17lbs turkey, mashed potato casserole, green beans mozzarella, glazed carrots, Brussels sprouts (a new side dish to our rotation), gravy, stuffing, and buns. We have been eating left overs all week, plus all the leftovers from Christmas Eve. The only complaint I got from the girls was there wasn't enough ham so for New Year's Day I will be cooking another one.

Despite budgets and such everyone got spoiled, the girls got digital cameras (that I picked up on clearance when we were at Target in September), art kits, some money, Tutu got a whole bunch of clothes, and a Cars racing set and a remote control car. Rock got money because there are some retreats he wants to attend next year. I got mostly money (that I already spent some on Boxing Day stocking up on art supplies, yarn and storage at Micheal's), my dad got me a few things from Forever 21 (I found it when we where downtown a few weeks ago) and my mom got me a set of crochet hooks.

I hope that everyone had a good Christmas and Santa was good to everyone. We are planning for a quiet New Year's as well. My cousin might come by and we will just hang out.


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