Sunday, September 2, 2012

Creative Journey - A Daily Dose of Creativity Week 35

I can't believe it's believe I've been doing this for over 30 weeks, it all started here.  I have been doing at least one creative act everyday for over 30 weeks now.  There has been days when I haven't taken a picture of what I have done every day but I have been creative. 

This week we were still on vacation so my productivity is hot or miss depending on what we were doing that day.  Some days were more productive then others. 

If you want to see what I am up to on a daily basis you can check me out on facebook or twitter.


Working on spikes for the dinosaur hat

Working on another hat waiting for the Go Train en route to the Ex. 

Working on the hat in the car on the way to Canada's Wonderland

More work on the hat while Tutu napped and the girls did rides with Rock.

Working on the hat while waiting to get my hair done.

The hat is done

Working on spikes for the hats while the girls watched the My Little Pony show at the Ex.

Made a birthday card for a friend

Working on spikes at the fountain at St. Lawrence Market

More spikes being made at the Beaches, while the kids played in the sand.

A selection of spikes.

I hope everyone had a creative and productive week, and the upcoming week is as productive and creative.


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