Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

This week I sucked again at taking pictures. It was a really rough week at work and I just didn't' feel up to taking pictures when I came home. I did make up for it today by taking pictures of the 2 outfits I had on today.
This week was a semi-productive week in terms of my projects, again the work You can check them out here  where I hold myself accountable on a weekly basis and post my pictures on facebook and twitter daily. 
 As with previous weeks I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy , Mama Go Round and the Transatlantic Blonde.
Friday - work 

Because I had a bad week, Rock and the girls brought me roses to cheer me up.
headband - made by me
t-shirt - from a friend
jeans - MXM
shoes - I picked them up at the Ex for $5

The girls wanted to pose with the roses as well.

Saturday we had a birthday party to go to, I never got a picture of my outfit but this was Monkey at the party.

Tuesday - work, Muffin's first day of school and gymnastics

Outfit #1
sweater - from a friend
pants - Penningtons

Outfit #2

t-shirt - Walmart
cowl - made by me
jeans - MXM
shoes - Walmart

and Muffin started JK this morning. How did it happen that I now have 2 school aged children? I swear she was just born.

she wore the same dress that Monkey wore to the first day of grade 1. There is a 3 year difference in age but they are almost the same size. 

And to add to Muffin's big day she started gymnastics tonight as well. She was so excited about all her first today.

The pictures aren't great because of where we were sitting in the observation area but they had a blast. The fall sessions is definitely busier then the summer one was, but I also think it was busier then normal because of the Olympics.
I hope that everyone had a great week and  creative week.

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