Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rainbow Art Party

So Monkey has decided that when she grows up she will be an artist.  I will do whatever I an to ensure she does that if that is where her passion lies. With that in mind the theme for her birthday was born, we would have an Art Party. And since in art you use colours, a rainbow art party was born. A inspiration board was created on Pinterest.

Invitations were made

I made some t-shirt for the girls to paint at the party

Decorations were made, lots and lots of rainbow coloured pompoms


I crocheted a colour banner

And baked a rainbow cake and rainbow cupcakes. It was a lot of work and the cake kept crumbling. It looked awesome inside but it will not be a cake I will be making again.

 I also made little notebooks for the loot bags but I forgot to take pictures of them

The setup the day of the party

The Birthday Princess waiting for her guests.

The party in full swing

The girls had a choice of the t-shirt to paint. I also gave them canvases to paint and gave them use of my stencils.  They all had fun unleashing their creativity.

I am glad that I was off work just before the party so it could have so many handmade elements in it. I had fun making it and Monkey loved everything I did .  If I want to do this again, I will have to start weeks in advance to accomplish it all.


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