Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monkey's 8th Birthday

8 years ago today I gave birth to my Monkey. I can't believe how quick time has passed.  She has grown into such a wonderful young lady. She is so kind and caring, she is so smart. I am truly blessed to be her mom.  I sometimes feel upset that she was dealt a bad hand with her learning disabilities but it doesn't hold her back. I wish I could take that away from her and anything else that were to ever go wrong but I think that's any mother.

I am so proud of her. Everything about her makes me proud. We are raising such a great girl. 2 weeks ago we had her birthday parties (one for her school friends and one for our family and friends). She received some gift cards from Toys R Us. She and I went on a special shopping trip where she proceeded to buy herself a new Monster High doll, presents for her brother and sister and a child in need. I did have to add $10 to help her out but the fact that she would use her own money to do that is so telling of her character. 

Last year I shared her birth story here and I shared pictures here from the last  7 years of her life.

I want to add to that and share pictures from the last year. She is truly turning into a young lady, my little girl is quickly slipping away.

Another year has quickly passed us by (and apparently so has the time, where I started to write this post and had the intention of finishing it on her birthday time has passed and it's the day after) my girl is growing up.  I really truly am blessed to be her mother. I love you so much and Happy 8th Birthday Monkey.


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