Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Christmas Pictures

So this is my last week at home, come Monday back to work, it will be a transition for all of us. The kids are asking me if I could stay home forever. It's heartbreaking but in order for us to live I need to work.  Doing prep work for Monkey's birthday party and being at home I don't have very many pictures.

Still spending most of my time either in bed or leg propped up on the couch means I can work on all my creative projects. I have a huge to do list for the recovery list. I think it's bigger then what I have time for but it's all on the list. This past week I finished up  custom orders, decorations for Monkey's party, lots of crocheting.. You can check out all my projects  here where I hold myself accountable on a weekly basis and post my pictures on facebook and twitter daily. 
  As with previous weeks I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy , and the Transatlantic Blonde.
Saturday - Monkey's party

 So I didn't get an pictures of my whole outfit or my Pinterest inspired hair. The whole party was planned via Pinterest

top- Addition Elle
flower pin - made by me
skirt (not seen) - Lane Bryant

Here are a few more pictures from Monkey's rainbow Art Party.

 I made just about everything for the party, I designed the t-shirts the girls painted, I made all the pompoms, I made the rainbow cakes and cupcakes. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun.
Sunday - Christmas Family Pictures

flowers - made by me
dress - Target
sweater - Lane Bryant
belt - Penningtons
tights - Target
shoes - Walmart

I was trying to do peacock colours and to get everyone's outfits to co-ordinate. Muffin was suppose to wear a purple skirt but it was misplaced so instead ended up with grey and the rainbow t-shirts were also a last minute switch in for the girls. 

And I wanted to show off how awesome Rock is doing. He has lost around 250lbs. I am so proud of all that he has accomplished.  He has been very hard on himself lately because he's not loosing as much weight as he would like at this point. I wish he could see what he has accomplished.

And just to give you an idea of how far he has come this is last year's Christmas picture.
What a huge difference a year makes. Rock I am so proud of you.

So with half a week before I go back to work, I still have lots I want to accomplish and don't know how I will adjust to not being as productive after that.

I hope everyone had a creative and productive week, and the upcoming week is as productive and creative.


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