Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday -Still Recovering

So I have one outfit this week because I spend most of my days at home and when I do venture out it's for my physio or Dr's appointments. My outfits all revolve around yoga pants because they stretch to fit over my brace.

Still spending most of my time either in bed or leg propped up on the couch means I can work on all my creative projects. I have a huge to do list for the recovery list. I think it's bigger then what I have time for but it's all on the list. This past week I worked up some stock, some custom orders, and finished Tutu's second hat. You can check out all my projects  here where I hold myself accountable on a weekly basis and post my pictures on facebook and twitter daily. 
  As with previous weeks I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy , and the Transatlantic Blonde.
Monday - physio

flower headband - made by me
t-shirt- Kane Bryant
yoga pants - Addition Elle (I bought them last week because I didn't have enough pants to wear and I scored them for $15 regular price $50)
Tutu had to join me for the pictures. As soon as he hears that beeping sound he runs right into position.
Since I'm low on pictures I'll add a few of the things I made last week.
The second hat made for Tutu, hopefully this one wont' get lost.

A couple of the hats

A crocheted flower headband

I hope that everyone had a great week and  creative week.

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