Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Creative Journey

While my theme for 2012 is me, my word for the year will be CREATE.

In 2012 I want to create:
art, be crafty because these things make my heart sing

a stronger relationships with those in my life.

a stronger family bond.

a stronger relationship with God.

a more comfortable and organized home.

a stronger, more balanced me.

In hopes to help me stay on track with my goals I am creating a weekly post called Creative Journey. I will post what I have created over the past week to keep me accountable. Being creative doesn't mean being crafty, creating art making things, it will include my creative endeavors in the kitchen, creative endeavors to come up with solutions for organizing my home. We all have creatively in us, I hope to tap in on that. Every Monday I will post and a linky party for those who want to join me on this Creative Journey


Carrie Burgan said...

What a great idea! I love this idea for posting and look forward to what you post. If you ever want to trade Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) let me know. My husband has encouraged me to make some more this year as my art, once a vital part of my life, has taken a backseat.

celiacgirl said...

Creativity.....mmmmm it's what makes you think "outside the box". It's a release from the humdrum of everyday. I'm so proud of you Ania!

Ania said...


That would be cool, I've never made ATC's before but it would be fun to try. We all should make time to be creative.

Ania said...

thanks Shirley