Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

So usually Rock has to remind me on Tuesday nights to write my post for today because I get caught up with my family life that I never remember to write it until it’s very late. Well last night he did remind me but very late and I didn’t have the energy to write it, we had a very eventful day.
 During the day we attended a funeral for a friend’s father, came come and went for a massage Rock had booked for me before Christmas and just when I got home and settled down for the night we had to take Monkey to Urgent Care because she had eaten a chocolate from unknown origins and within minutes she was complaining of being itchy everywhere, she had some red hives (that of course went away by the time we got to Urgent Care), and complained of tummy and ear pain. We hummed and hawed about what to do, do we give her the epi-pen? We didn’t. Do we go to Urgent Care? We did.
Apparently it was food sensitivity and not an allergic reaction but her family Dr this morning said it was a mild reaction.  It’s scary when it happens. We’ve been coasting by with her allergies because since she got diagnosed 5 ½ years ago this was our first time seeing a reaction to her eating something that was contaminated.  We found out about her allergy from her breaking out into hives after touching a spoon that was licked clean from peanut butter. The trace amounts made her react.
Enough about my exciting and scary day, another week has flown by and am here sharing my outfits for the week. I need to clean up my closet and find my clothes because I seem to be wearing the same few items over and over again (Muffin took my clothes off the hangers and dumped them on the floor, I have been slowly cleaning them out but there is a lot so I just wear the same few things). I also tried to do something more fun with my hair.
As with previous weeks I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy and Mama Go Round.

Wednesday I went to work and attended a funeral for a friend’s dad.
Headband (not seen) made by me
Top – Dress Barn
Belt – Forever 21
Skirt – Additional Elle
Tights – Target

Thursday, just another work day. But here is where I tried to do something more fun with my hair.
Headband – made by me
Snowflake bobby pin – unknown
Top – Pennington’s
Belt – Forever 21
Pants – MXM

Friday, another work day. I wasn’t able to get any picture without Tutu wanting up. I tried but he really wanted mommy, so this is the best we got before I changed and we had our I’m home from work cuddle and nursing session.
Headband – made by me
Top – gift from my cousin
Belt-  Wal-Mart
Jeans – MXM

Saturday we went shopping and then attended a birthday party. I didn’t get a picture of the second outfit but this was my shopping outfit.
Headband – made by me (I had just finished it the day before)
Top – Additional Elle
Jeans – MXM
And I can’t seem to take outfit pictures without my children getting in on the action. Is it bad that my 21 month old now knows how far away you have to stand from the camera and by what point you need to be there when the self-timer beeps go off. Seriously all kids have mastered the art of the self-timer.

Sunday we had a small breakfast brunch for my mom’s birthday. 2 of her friends came over along with my cousin and her baby. 
Top- Additional Elle
Cowl necklace – made by me
Jeans – MXM
Monday was another busy day, I had work, attended a viewing and then Monkey was receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
Headband (not seen) – made by me
Dress – Lane Bryant
Cowl  necklace – made by me
Tights – Wal-Mart (I had to buy a new pair in the morning when I was shopping because the pair I was wearing kept falling off).

 Monkey before and after receiving the Sacrament.

Tuesday was another work day and Rock and I attended another funeral (for those of you counting that’s 2 in less than 1 week) for another friend whose father passed away. 
Headband – made by me and was finished that morning
Top – Dress Barn (I guess this is my go to top for funerals since I wore it to both)
Belt – Forever 21
Pants - MXM

I also started a new feature on my blog, every Monday I will be posting a linky party where you can link up your weekly creative endeavors.  I also post my daily creative doses on Twitter if you want to follow me on a daily basis.  You can link up here if you are interested in joining the fun.  I am trying to be creative on a daily basis and this helps keep me accountable.   I also found this morning Ali Edwards new weekly newsletter. And the first one found here talks about practicing creativity. It fits in well with what I’m trying to do so I thought I would share it.  I hope you enjoy it.
I hope everyone had a great week and have another great week ahead.


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