Monday, January 23, 2012

Creative Journey - A Daily Dose of Creativity Week 3

I started this weekly post as a means to keep me accountable with my goal of being creative everyday. This week I was very productive at creating things and taking pictures.

Sunday this is the hat I was working on but I never got the picture of last week.

Colouring in the cover of my Smash Journal on Monday

 And the completed cover.

Tuesday more working on the hat and a sketch...

And I dirty iced a cake.

Wednesday I worked on the hat some more and....

covered my cake in fondant.

Thursday I completed the  cake...

And almost finished the hat.

Friday was a very productive day. I worked on the hat some more, made a pin for Muffin to wear on Saturday for her Birthday Party,...

and I made myself a headband for Muffin's party,...

and I finished the hat I was making for Rock...

and finally I made matching headbands for the girls so we could all co-ordinate.

And after Muffin's party on Saturday I started up a new project; a hot for a friend.

And Sunday in the car ride home from another trip to the zoo I worked on the new hat some more.

Like I said this week has been a very productive week.

Hope you've had a productive week as well.


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